Update 01

Hi everyone, 

The server will getting some changes over time. So far these changes have been made and are up and running: Wonderland/AEU: The dragon orbs 5* - 8* and a chance of 12* are now dropped in Wonderland. The 9* - 12* are dropped in AEU by Aurogon. Warsong: The modified bosses/Vile bosses are now dropping a huge variation of items such as Star Chart materials, Engraving materials, DQ and ST. Much more items dropping, but you need to go see that for yourself :) FC: In FC the bosses are also slightly modified and you can find drops for Star Chart and Engrave, as well all Tier 7 Origins for your Nuema. Again, there are more items to be found, but its more fun to find it all out by yourself or with your friends. 

The G17R5 weapons are back in the game. The weapons are dropped by all the Sand bosses in Quicksand Maze. Maze decides wich boss(es) you will face during your run. All weapons have random stats on them. You might need a few runs in order to get your weapon. 
Last but not least, the level cap has been raised to lvl 120. This is still in Beta and so far we are aware of not able to enter QSM after lvl 105. We are working on this issue and hope to get back on track as soon as possible. 
Have fun and take care, Grtz. Davina