Patch v15

Hi everyone.In this update:Opening TT requires now 2 players.Faction base contribution increased to level faction base faster. Nation War should be working, however we will know for certain this ...


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Patch v13

Hi everyone. The following changes have been made to the server: Updated guild icons; All previous changes as described in Update 01 such as FC, Warsong and QSM are now fully up and running; The armor ...


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Update 01

Hi everyone, The server will getting some changes over time. So far these changes have been made and are up and running: Wonderland/AEU: The dragon orbs 5* - 8* and a chance of 12* are now dropped i ...


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Black Friday

Hi all!I know Black Friday started a bit early this year but eh is almost holidays and we need to be grateful.So here goes nothing:1) Use voucher code: HeroBlackFriday2018 to invite your friends to jo ...


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Patch v9

In this patch i have updated guild icons....Added Exchange for Rank 8 Shard at teleport master.Added Rank 8 Shard to Battle Chest.Modified Rank 8 on donation shop so you can buy only one.Added extra h ...


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Site Update and Patch v8

Hi all!We are looking for GMs if you or any of your friends think he can help us make this server more active please submit a ticket with as much information about yourself as possible. Thank you!Patc ...


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